Hello hello,
I’m finally back from my trip to Las Vegas. I came back with a bagpack full of impressions and can’t wait to tell you more. But first let me tell you about the strongest one. I visited my first American Ghost town. 


I was reading about these places for some time now - small villages that grew very fast during the gold rush and when there was no more gold or silver - the place was just abandoned by its citizens. Believe it or not there are plenty of ghost towns in California and I wanted to visit some of them. Very accidentally, on Friday while we were traveling back from Las Vegas near Barstow, California we saw sign on a rock in the distance saying: “Calico” then a road sign in brown - ghost town. We had just few moments for reaction to take the exit… and yes… we were there.

First, the town was not exactly how I imagined it - empty and abandoned, simply because this is a ghost town turned into a tourist attraction. They tried to rebuild it as it was in 1881. And I think that they did a good job with that, except probably the plastic figurines here and there in some of the houses that I saw. 

But once again I think it’s a place that it’s worth it seeing and probably very soon I will go to another one - but this time in Northern California.