I guess that when you are coming here you are probably a creative person, curious and constantly looking for inspiration. Creativity actually is a very interesting thing. It is like a small little plant that you need to take care of, it has to be fed constantly. 

There are many ways to keep yourself creative. Some of the advices that I know from my own experiences are:

  1. keep your creative space in order
  2. take a class or workshop
  3. create inspirational boards
  4. break your routine
  5. keep a journal and use it all the time to collect ideas
  6. don’t be afraid to experiment
  7. surround yourself with creative people
  8. move your body
  9. travel

But there is one thing that I found much more helpful – to turn from dreamer to doer. To choose a project and just do it. No matter if everything is perfect or not – just act. I admit that sometimes I was loosing my creative mojo. The everyday life it just squeeze it  and I had to do something. At the beginning of the year I started a small project – to take photos constantly. Amongst the Flickr community this project is popular as “Project 365”. I change the name to Project 2015 because I wanted to be something different (I didn’t plan to do a picture every day and I wanted to continue the project the next year too). And just a miracle happened.

I became more serious, organized … I became a doer. The results are so far wonderful for me. I don’t feel rush, pressure and I want to do more and more pictures.
I hope I helped you with my experience, but what is your recipe for keeping the creativity in your life?

(this post was published first at 79ideas )