Have you ever had a significant change in your life? I had it twice or maybe three time. And it was always related to changing the location where I lived. The first time I moved from my home city to the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia. Then to Czech Republic, and after Prague now I live in San Francisco for almost two months.

And if my first relocations were within Europe, that last one was across the ocean and to a other continent and is really different and challenging. But don’t get me wrong – I love challenges and changes. I just wanted to step out of my comfort zone and to share a bit more personal details about the transformation that I’m going through. Because the change is not just to change the place, the home but also I have to change same personal things about me.

First I wanted to talk about the food, because this is what every human needs – but I will do it another time. The other completely different thing here is the self-confidence. I grew up in East Europe, in a society where you are taught to be modest – we used to hear that from everybody starting from your first grade teacher, your parents, grandparents… everyone. I even remember that we have a saying that roughly translates like “The modesty makes the person beautiful”. Yet here I am in the USA where there is nothing like that. The people are self-confident and proud with every little success that they achieve. WOW! I can’t and don’t want to judge which behavior is better. I feel that being modest very often leads to underestimating your own skills and achievements but on the other side if you are to much self-confident you can get rid of some of your weaknesses and disadvantages. I guess that there should be something like a golden middle zone that now I have to discover for myself. Any tips about that?

And because this post became very I guess I have to stop. But I am still wondering if it is interesting for you to share more personal details here? I don’t do this very often, because it is something that is still difficult for me, but anyway… maybe it could be helpful for some of you out there that are going through the same transformation.