Tips + Suggestions

Couples portraits and Engagements.


Engagements are one of my favorite parts of the entire photography experience with my couples! We get to know each other, I will probably have to invade your personal space and you will have to kiss in front of a complete stranger - me. Engagement sessions are also very helpful for the couple to understand that me and the camera are not scary and I promise you at the end of that session you will feel much more comfortable in front of the camera and more prepared for your big day. 

You choose me to photograph you because you wanted to see the love and connection between you guys? So please, show me. The best photos are where you guys are looking at each other, not the camera. Or maybe you have several poses you just have to have, please share them with me. Or in case you hate posed photographs and want all candids - again tell me.  I can structure the session around your preferences. But also trust me. I think the best sessions are those that are mix of the posed and the candids. I’ll put you in the right light, lightly pose you, and then watch it all fall apart in a fit of hugs, connections and kisses. That is where the magic is.



Your outfits for the photoshoot should suit the environment and each other.

Choose something that complements the environment we will shoot in. Think of the location when picking colors! Most of the time, any neutral and/or pastel color will fit to any environment. Neutrals aren’t just tan or gray or white, there are neutrals of every color! For example, mustard is a neutral of yellow, forest green is a neutral of green, navy is a neutral of blue, and so on and so forth.
Fluorescent or bright colors usually draw the attention away from faces, so avoid wearing anything that is bright and overly colorful.
Reds, pinks, maroons, and oranges have the tendency to reflect onto your skin. So if your fiance wears a red shirt, your skin will most likely end up looking really pink on the photos. This is why neutrals are a great choice, as they wont affect your skin color!
Lastly, remember not to wear overly distracting patterns. We want photos to be about you two and your love. Not what you wear.
If you decide to go online shopping you may consider these places:
Morning Lavender



19221630_828728960627200_4877999776799605321_wedding copy.jpg


Bridals are always a blast, and such a good thing to do before your wedding day! You get so many more shots of the two of you in your dress and suit, and in pretty lighting! There is no stress like there is usually for the wedding day portraits. These are usually the pictures people use the most out of everything. A few things to know for bridals to be sure they go as smoothly as possible:

If you hired a hair + makeup artist, be specific as to what you want.

Almost every time a bride shows up for bridals, she is redoing her hair, wiping off makeup and putting her own. Being honest and specific with your hair and makeup artist will help them know exactly what you’re wanting, and if you are unsatisfied, tell them! It breaks my heart when my brides aren't excited about their pictures because their hair is too curly, or their makeup isn't natural enough. Your hair and makeup artist wants you to feel beautiful and confident, and they won't be offended if you aren’t loving what they have done. Don't be afraid to get what you want!


wedding day.



Keep clutter away.
I know there's a lot going on, but try to keep bags, suitcases, laundry, etc in a different room, or the closet.
Windows please.
Window light is best. I prefer to turn all lights off and rely only on window light whenever possible!
Typical hotel rooms aren’t the best option, for light or decor. Most of them are like cookie cutter and with colorful and dark walls, which is not the best option. I would recommend to check for AirBnb in the area. They are affordable and most of them have plenty of natural light. 
Don't forget the groom, please. 
Sometimes the groom gets the dark tiny room. Let’s give him the same treatment!
Make up, again.
It's not always true that "the makeup looks heavy in person but it will look better on camera". I use natural light, and my style reflects more truly what is there, so I just recommend that if you want to look like yourself, don't overdo it. This is entirely personal preference though, so just do you!
Your wedding dress!
When shopping for your wedding dress, please keep in mind that if you can't move freely in it, we won't be able to shoot freely in it. Of course, everything depends on your fashion choice, but just keep in mind also your comfort on your wedding day. 



Pre-ceremony is the best.
So that everyone can enjoy the cocktail hour in full! Also, gathering people after the ceremony is always hard and time consuming. 
Keep it short.
I recommend keeping the list short (about 6-8 groups is perfect). Keep in mind that you two will be in almost every single picture and maybe too tiering for you to smile at every single shot and so on for 20-30 minutes. 
Enlist help.
The best idea when doing family portraits is to have a list with all the groups that you want. I recommend assigning a bridesmaid or groomsman the task of gathering family. This speeds up the process since I don’t know what anyone looks like.


Outdoor ceremonies in the nature are my favorite: the setting, the light, and the freedom for me to shoot all around. For outdoor ceremonies, light and sun are super important factors in the photos. Spotty sun light and harsh uneven light are not ideal. So if you’re having your ceremony close to midday, try to set up the ceremony so that the sun is behind your officiant, so you two are backlit, evenly,You could also plan your ceremony later in the day, so the light is nicer, closer to sunset. Just  be sure to leave enough time for any delays, as well as couple portraits around sunset.



An “unplugged” ceremony is when you ask your guests to not take any photos during the ceremony. Unplugging allows your guests to enjoy the ceremony without fussing over cell phones and flashes. It also keeps the aisle open for me so I can take better photos with no one in the way. You can have your officiant do a quick announcement to let guests know. Or have a sign at the entrance to the ceremony area.




I recommend 3 time slots for couple photos(for a standard 6-8hours wedding):
If we do a “first look”, that will be the first time slot for portraits. About 15 minutes for this is great.
Right after you walk down the aisle the energy is the happiest! Another quick 15 min here is good.
Sunset + Twilight
Most of my couples tell me this was their favorite part of the day: sneaking away to have time to take it all in. It also happens to be the best light of the day! 30min is ideal.
If there's only enough time for one photo slot, then sunset is the best time!


Mood lighting.
Market lights and candlelight set a gorgeous romantic mood. Just make sure you use enough so I don't have to use flash (which ruins the romantic vibe). If you're unsure, just ask me and I'll help out!
Party lights.
Colorful lights can be fun for party time, but they're not so great for first dance or parent dances. If your DJ has these, I just ask that he keeps them off for those moments. After that, feel free to go crazy!
Time for details.
If you have lots of details (table settings, centerpieces, etc), please allow 20-30min for me to shoot these before the guests enter the area.