The first look


The First Look


The Experience

We will pick a beautiful private spot, and we’ll set up the groom with his back turned to the bride. Then we’ll back away, the bride will tap her groom on his shoulder, and the groom will get to turn around to see his beautiful bride for the first time.
We will then give you as much time as you’d like to just hang out – you get to laugh together, cry together, and just be together (usually about 5-10 minutes). The groom will have the space and the freedom to feel his emotions, talk about the day, check out his bride and hold her close.
The bride has the time to check out her handsome man, show off her gorgeous dress, and laugh through her tears of joy. It’s all completely private, and completely yours. You then get to hang out together for the rest of their wedding day. Who wouldn’t want to spend all day of the best day of their lives with the one they love most?


What about the walk down the aisle?

The number one argument about not seeing each other before the ceremony is to preserve the significance of the walk down the aisle. Many think that a First Look will take away from that moment. The walk down the aisle is totally significant. But the First Look can ever take away from that. Nothing can ever change the fact that you are walking down the aisle to marry the man of your dreams. In talking to my couples who did the First Look, that moment is still powerful, emotional, and meaningful, and the moment is even more amazing because all of the nerves have dissipated. They have already laughed, cried, and hugged out their nervousness, so they are free to focus on the wedding ceremony instead of the anxiety of seeing each other for the first time in front of 100+ guests.


We have location freedom for portraits

With doing the first look, we get to roam around your venue, free of guests, and use every backdrop we want for photos. If you do not do the first look, after the ceremony when we are doing full wedding party photos and bride and groom photos, guests are taking up space that we could be using. It’s great to be able to utilize all of your beautiful venue for all photos, because you picked this venue and you love it!


Coctail hour

Something I hear from every single couple who doesn’t do a firrst look is, “I wish we could go to cocktail hour,” or “cocktail hour looks really fun, I wish we could be there to hang with our guests.” And I agree, you should be at cocktail hour! It’s your wedding, your guests are there to see you, you paid for this day, you designed it, you deserve to cherish every moment possible as the day goes by so quickly.


Some reasons why you should consider doing a first look: 

You get to spend more time of your wedding day with your significant other

If you have a big big family, doing the first look will allow us enough time to get those family picture done after the ceremony without also having to squeeze in wedding party pictures and bride and groom portraits. 

If you have a big wedding party, it's a good idea to do the first look. Gathering up large groups after the ceremony, when they know they can drink, eat, and have fun, is always more challenging then gathering them up before the ceremony when all they are doing is relaxing.

If you bridesmaids and groomsmen like to drink and can get roudy, consider doing the first look. They will be way more cooperative before the ceremony compared to after. Believe me! 

If you think you will be stressed out or nervous on your wedding day, the first look is a great way to ease the stress because you're allowing yourself a lot more time for pictures and the ability to talk and hug your significant other more.

If the photography are high on your list of important things on your wedding day, then the first look will give you more pictures and more options. 

The first look is good also if you want to be there for every part of your day. You won't  miss cocktail hour or any portrait time with your friends and family.