different type of photogrraphy

I know it is not fun to read text when you are visiting a photographer's website, but there are few important things that I would like to tell you. During the years I developed my own style and I'm drawn to light and airy imagery. I think love as something romantic, sweet and joyful so I don't want to add drama to it. So if you are looking for a photographer who uses dramatic lighting, tons of equipment and fancy artificial lights - you are not on the right website.  I love natural light and outdoors and if you do too, let's create something beautiful together. 

Just like everything else in life, there are different types of photographers too. I'm not a photographer that will do all type of photography, simply because I'm not a specialist in that. I can't shoot astronomy and stars simply because I like daylight and I understand how to capture it. Just like when you need to visit a doctor you go to a specialist in that particular area, the same is with photography and many other things in life. You are not going to the dentist when you have back pain, right? I'm very passionate and constantly evolve my skills in wedding photography, elopements, engagement and couple sessions, family and portraits. I adore still life and interior images, as well as beautiful styling. So if you are searching for that kind of photography, please go ahead and fill the contact form. I would love to work with you. 


 important things about wedding photography


We all want the best results from our time together and we need to work together for that. Ask questions and try to be you in front of the camera. i know it won't be easy but I'm here to help you, guide you. I'm your friend. 



I want you to remember our time together not only with the beautiful images, but also as a great experience. I will not torture you to do strange poses and I respect and understand the human side of the things.


My MAGIC FORMULA for beautiful romantic images


2h before sunset the light is magical and will allow me to create all these beautiful images that you see on my website


this is my most favorite media. i shoot medium format film and 35mm


two people deeply madly in love that are not afraid to say it to the world.


wedding, elopement

I will travel the whole entire world to capture your beautiful wedding if you want me to. I believe that weddings are one in a life time experience and I would love to capture it for you. At the end after your day is over, only photographs remains forever. 


engagement and Couple Sessions

Anniversary or engagement sessions - these are 2hours session, fun and sweet, where I put my focus on you - your story, your joy, your love. 



These are sessions that are lifestyle and candid in nature, but with some direction, composing and a story. We may add some art direction and props before that, to make the photo session unique. 
This is perfect for bloggers and families with adventure in their hearts. 



I love beautiful design and sophisticated styling. If you have any ideas please go ahead and fill the contact form.