Family Session

Best photography tips for families

1.  Set a time that works for your family.

For families with kids I usually recommend early mornings.  The kids are fresh, the day is ahead of you and you can get it done and still have the day to play and enjoy. The light is pretty and the beaches are empty.  But only you know your family.  Pick the time that works for you.


2.  Feed your kids.

Please bring the kids with full stomachs. And if it is possible save the sugar for a treat for after the photography session.  Hungry kids or kids going through a sugar crash are not happy campers.  If you have little ones, bring a snack and some water with you.  Just in case.


3.  Wear fun and comfortable clothes

You want your photos to be pretty and to be authentic.  Choose an outfit that complements the environment we will shoot in. Think of the location when picking colors! Most of the time, any neutral and/or pastel color will fit to any environment. Neutrals aren’t just tan or gray or white, there are neutrals of every color! For example, mustard is a neutral of yellow, forest green is a neutral of green, navy is a neutral of blue, and so on and so forth.
Fluorescent or bright colors usually draw the attention away from faces, so avoid wearing anything that is bright and overly colorful.
Reds, pinks, maroons, and oranges have the tendency to reflect onto your skin. So if your husband wears a red shirt, your skin will most likely end up looking really pink on the photos. This is why neutrals are a great choice, as they wont affect your skin color!
Lastly, remember not to wear overly distracting patterns. We want photos to be about you two and your love. Not what you wear.

On the beach, pastel colors work well as well.  Light cotton clothes, sundresses, t-shirts, shorts are easy to work with.  And please don’t try to match each other.  Just try not to clash.  I advise against black or navy – its harsh in the bright sun – and also against the everyone wear white group shot.  Be yourselves, just your best self.  For large groups, picking one or two colors and having everyone choose their own clothes in those colors usually works well for a nicely coordinated but not matching look.  Stripes, polka dots, plaid.. I love them all. 

If you decide to go online shopping you may consider these places:
- Morning Lavender
- Lulus
- Asos


4.  Be Laid Back and Laugh, Hug, SNUGGLE AND SHOW ME the connection between you.

Nothing makes photographs better than a relaxed attitude.  So your kids aren’t listening and won’t sit still?  Don’t stress or worry, I know what I am doing and its all going to work out.  Sometimes the best photos are the unplanned ones.  Just go with the flow.  I will pose you guys and then let that pose fall apart.  Click.  All you have to do is hang out and listen to me.  It is actually a relaxing time where you can hug, snuggle, and kiss your loved ones and not be in charge. You choose me to photograph your family because you wanted to see the love and connection between you guys.   So show me.  Maybe your child won’t look at the camera, maybe he won’t sit still.. its all fine.   I’m not worried and neither should you.  The best photos are where you are looking at each other, not the camera.  Sometimes some kisses are in order or a few tickles.  No pressure.  Your love will shine through in the photographs.