Engagement Guide


Thank you,

for considering me to be your photographer! I know when it comes to photographers there are thousands of choices and I’m truly honored you are here! Bellow you will find my pricing and more information about working with me and the way I approach photography. I have put a lot of time into this guide and it should answer most of your questions. However, If questions come up, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me and ask. I am more than happy to answer them and help you through the process. Thanks again for considering me and I hope we get to work together. 


This is your first step towards making things official and letting the world know just how much you love and care for each other. Your engagement is a once in a lifetime experience and needs to be treated as such! Engagement pictures should be so much more than a new outfit and a couple good shots! This is a new and exciting step in your lives together so lets start it off the right way with adventure Engagement Session like no other! 

I work very hard to create a unique experience for each of my clients. Each location is carefully selected by me during a scouting trip before your shoot. When you book me for your engagements you aren’t just getting a hand full of pretty pictures you can send with your wedding invitations. You are getting a photographer that is willing to put in extra time and effort to make sure your engagement session is a meaningful and special experience. 

Not only will you get amazing pictures, you will create lasting memories of the beginning of your lives together!


In regards to “posing” for photos, I find when working with couples there is nothing harder than trying to act natural with a camera pointed at you. It’s also never easy to be told to “go stand over by that tree and look natural”. It just doesn’t work. Most people need a little help and guidance to get the right shot. you can be confident that I will help you feel comfortable in from of the camera. My style of photography is more about helping the couples into poses and then prompting them with actions in ways that help them feel natural and relaxed. While I love a nice smile my favorite images are those whenI am able to capture a connection between the couple. By using different prompts and guiding you, my goal is to pull out emotions and reactions that help create real moments that can be captured and cherished, rather than traditional posed images. 



Make it personal. Choose a location that is unique and special to you; somewhere that stirs fond memories or inspires wanderlust. No location is too far, no adventure too great. Think outside the box and challenge your imagination. We love fresh, new ideas and are happy to rendezvous somewhere off the beaten path in order to create beautiful memories for you. Big Sur, Napa, Paris, Italy, coastal California … these are just a few of our favorite destinations.

Our most inspiring engagement sessions happen in places of natural or urban beauty. Each locale tells a story or has special meaning for the couple. Not sure what is right for you? We’d love to share recommendations.

Few ideas to consider:

  • location that tell a story or have special meaning

  • natural beauty and the timelessness of breathtaking landscapes

  • exotic or destination locations



One of the most important elements in an engagement session is fashion. Expressing yourselves with an exquisite and coordinated wardrobe brings an editorial look to your images. We like to pair locations with outfits so please plan to bring two to three options. Your outfits are entirely your choice. Searching for inspiration or ideas? We’re happy to help.

Few things to consider:

  • two to three coordinated looks

  • refined casual, classic chic, metropolitan dressy, timeless formal

  • don’t forget the accessories.



Whether your passion is sailing, traveling or your pup, props can enhance the shoot and breathe life into a photograph.


  • location-appropriate props

  • boats, cars or animals


Few more suggestion


Being on time is important as the sun is the light source. We use the last two hours of sunlight because it gives a warm golden glow that doesn’t cause hard shadows. Perfect for your portraits to have that magical feel! We typically continue shooting until the sun is down.


The main thing to keep in mind for your attire is to coordinate your outfits to compliment each other . Be equally dressed. Rule is: if one person dresses up the other should do the same 


Environment: Since you want to be the center of attention being mindful of your environment is the first step. For example: if you are taking photos in a lush forest, avoid similar shades of brown or green - we don't want you to look like a tree amidst the ones behind you! Most surroundings are neutral so wearing a complimentary color really makes you stand out! 

Coordinating with each other: When deciding colors in regards to each other it's best to avoid matching exact colors. Rather, if you want to wear the same color shoot for different shades/tones so there is still individuality. 


General Rule: Small patterns can look busy and just a bit dizzying in a photograph. Things such as closely placed polka dots, tight floral patterns, checkers or stripes can make what’s called a Moire pattern and are best left at home.Try differing fabric textures in your attire as a great alternative. 

Coordinating with each other: Patterns are still a great tool to add interest, certain patterns show better than others - so don't be afraid of them! Complimentary clothing is key - if one person is wearing a patterned top, the other can wear a solid top and a patterned bottom.

Layers & Accessories: Jewelry, jackets, and vests! Adding a cardigan, a watch or other items add dimension to any outfit- for both men and women!