Wyoming in April on film

In the middle of April, me and my friend from New York - Milena went to our annual USA trip. This is our tradition that I sincerely love because not only we travel, explore and get inspired by the nature, but also we catch up with each other. We already visited Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico and the beautiful New Orleans. This year we did something completely different - we went on a road trip. Just the two of us - she as the navigator and me as the driver (I have to admit that at the beginning I was scared to drive in an unknown place, since I’m a new driver, but at the end all my fears were gone).

As a destination we chose a not so popular state - Wyoming, where the famous Yellowstone park is located. We booked our flights to Jackson Hole and the plan was to rent a car there and drive down to Salt Lake City in Utah. We thought that we had planned everything well, but there was a big surprise which we didn’t anticipated - Yellowstone was still closed. So, this is how Wyoming look besides Yellowstone - rural, beautiful, with less people and more space for the nature.

All images are analog, developed by Little Film Lab