So amongst all the things that I’ve learned this year I did something good for myself too. I rediscovered the juicer and I decided to begin using it more often. I won’t be talking how good for your body are the freshly squeezed juices because I am not an expert on that, but I personally feel very good when I minimize the meat and the processed foods in favor of fruits and vegetables. 

Actually the inspiration came from a popular documentary called “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” where the Australian Joe Cross talks about his personal experience and the results he achieved by only drinking fresh juices.  Joe’s results are truly impressive and you can read more about that on his webpage while I share with you one of my favorite juices.  All you need is a juicer, pomegranate and some water. For one glass of juice you’ll need 2 large pomegranates.
Do you have a favorite juice?