I usually don’t do many photoshoots with kids. But sometimes… you know you have to go out of your comfort zone and try new things. My model from Saturday was so cute that I couldn’t say “no”. And believe me there is a huge difference between shooting girls and kids, so I decided to sit down and write few helpful tips for you. 


All this tips are based on my own experience and I really hope that you can find something helpful. 

  1. Clothes - the more the better. Personally I like kids with light outfits and I would ask the mom to bring a white shirt with jeans. It looks so stylish and timeless.
  2. One special toy please - usually I ask the parent to bring at least one special toy on set. And very often, the kid will ask when we will shoot his airplane/Lego/car? 
  3. Shoot fast - from my pedagogy classes I remember that you can’t keep kids attention for too long. So shoot faster, change the scenes faster and communicate.
  4. Preparation is a crucial. Ask the parents to prepare the kid. They’d better know how. 
  5. No more than two people on set. Or in other words - one parent for one kid.
  6. Reward and have fun. Ice-cream or lollypop. Ask the kid what is his favorite candy or sweet and give it to him after the photo session. Have fun and don’t be afraid to be silly. It will help too. 

Do you have some special tips for kids? Share something with me.