Hey! Long time no see… sorry… huge apologies… I decided to write today short blog post in case you think that I got lost somewhere in this beautiful, sunny state. 
Some of you probably know how is it when you are moving in a new place and everything is different. Just now I realized how many new everyday choices I have to make… every day. Starting with the new hair shampoo that I have to choose… and believe me for my curly hair this is a huge challenge, then choosing simple things like toothpaste – almost all brands are different. And then like “Oh, no! I can't find my favorite body lotion!” But at least I can easily buy Bulgarian cheese…. so at least my belly will be OK. 

And talking about food. My European friends would be surprised how much healthy food you can find here. There are huge grocery stores with the size of Tesco and bigger than Billa only with organic and bio food. I think that I’m in the paradise for the organic food… oh and the ice-cream… oh and the coffee. ;)

Let’s try this, why not try that and at the end now I probably have few pounds more… so from today I'm officially on a diet. But everything is going to be ok when Radostina already has the most beautiful bike in the world - ver. 2.0 :). 
Oh, wait I didn't show you yet “the most beautiful bike in the world” ver. 1.0
I promise to show it next time. Till then you can check my blog post about the Saturday Farmers Market in San Francisco
And how are your days going?