Probably if you are not a photographer you would not understand my passion for film photography. But I’ve always been in love with the colors and the depth of field that a film produces. From my American trip last year the biggest gift that I brought home with me was a brand new Nikon F100 and from then on I was practicing and experimenting. Most of the time I was disappointed by the results. The pictures were to grainy or too dark and with lots of contrast, which if you know my style… I don’t like :) 

And today a big surprise… finally I have better results. I switched film to Kodak Portra and I shoot in open shades. The only thing that I am still experimenting with are the lens. My hands sometimes are shaking too much for the otherwise gorgeous Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 lens that has only manual focus. 

I hope you will like the results too. And again the protagonist is my lovely pug Sam, whom I think I harass to much to be my model :)

Nikon F100 / lens: 50mm 1.2 / Portra 400 / Prague / april 2014

Nikon F100 / lens: 50mm 1.2 / Portra 400 / Prague / april 2014