Do you celebrate Valentine’s day? Is it important for you to receive gift, red balloons in heart shapes, or you just want to spend quiet romantic night? I don’t want to initiate a lengthy discussion about that right now. I didn’t grow up with that holiday and I don’t actually know how to celebrate it. I just find it nice to say to the people you love how much they mean to you. Because sometimes we have to admit that we just forget.

Today I have for you a cute idea for a small Valentine’s card. Buy from the paper store an empty white cards and simply try to draw a small heart. If you find this hard – you can use a cookies cutter in heart shape or cut a cardboard with scissors to make a heart shaped stencil . 

Then use a colorful or black pen to create the hatch. And done. Then write something nice and sweet and promise to have a romantic evening with your beloved one.