Last year was hard for me. I had to move from Europe to US and to start almost everything from scratch. I was popular as a photographer/art director where I lived and there was no need to do much to have clients - the word of mouth was doing the job perfectly … but in USA the situation is different. 
I slowly started to lose my positivism, I allowed darker thoughts to ruin my creative mojo and I realized that I immediately have to take some steps to find again my positive mind. Being positive is an absolute must for my creative work. I took my notepad and wrote down few steps that I have to follow and if I feel that I become negative again… I just read my five steps, clear my mind and try to focus on my work.

Here they are:  

  1. Stop criticizing yourself - accept yourself. When you criticize yourself all the things that you are doing are negative. 
  2. Forgive and let the past go - you can’t change your past, so accept it as it is and move on
  3. Take care of yourself – your body is the temple where your soul lives. So no more bad hair days, no more working in pajamas anymore. 
  4. Support yourself - when you are in trouble, ask for help. 
  5. Allow yourself to enjoy life, relax and have fun - not everything is work. 

I admit that sometimes is not easy, but I’m working on that and I feel that better days are coming. 
When you have a negative thoughts what is your way to send them away? Let’s make this 2015 awesome. I think it depends only on us.