Few days ago, me and Si / French by design  had a conversation about the drinks that suits for brunch. Then she told me about the mimosa - an alcoholic drink popular in US for brunch / if you don't know what brunch is - this is a hybrid between breakfast and lunch that you have here in Sundays. It has to be slow and you enjoying the company of some good friends - sounds perfect to me /. And on these special events people usually drink mimosa - a combination of champagne and juice. And because the theory is good but the practice and experience are even  better - bam, she made for me a special variation of the mimosa, that we call it pomosa - because of the pomegranate juice. Then we styled and photographed everything. And we had a great fun. So my advice is to try the pomosa tomorrow - it is Sunday and pomegranates are everywhere right now. 


photography: radostina / styling: si