Hello there,
I’m almost done with all my preparations for my next journey. People around me said that Portland is a hipster city with lots of beer and beards. I don’t know if it is true or not (will let you know when I come back), but I know that there is some magic going on there. So many talented people choose to call this city – a home. Starting from all the people from Kinfolk magazine, Chelsea Fuss, the creative team behind the cuttest small homes, Mazama … really they are so many, who live there. Honestly I can’t wait to go there and explore it on my own. The journey will be pretty awesome not only because of the city and its vibe, but also because I’m going there with a friend of mine. Friend who share my passion for all things beautiful – I will have long and interesting conversations about art, design, photography and even life.
Can’t wait to tell you more.
Did you ever visited Portland? Any recommendations?