A Minimal Approach to Weddings

Two months ago I was browsing Instagram and I spotted a stunning picture. It was very minimal design of flowers in a simplistic vase with sophisticated styling. Definitely something that you don’t see every day. My heart started racing when I saw that and then ever faster when I saw that Bough + Twig are two talented girls located just 30 miles away from me. It was obvious that I will have to send them a message. Well if you know me well, you probably know that contacting strangers is totally out of my comfort zone, but their aesthetic was so close to me, that I just had to. A week or so later, I met Claire and Mido in Sightglass coffee in San Francisco and we talked for hours about our love for wabi sabi, beautiful design and traveling. And we were so eager to create something beautiful together.

Minimal film editorial

And after another two weeks I welcomed Claire and Mido in my small studio and this is what we created.

minimal film editorial
MInimalist wedding ideas

Oh, and of course we will never be that creative without the products of another two people that I love to work with: Jeanette from Party Crush Studio and her beautiful textiles and Julie from Champagne Press and her calligraphy set.

minimal styling editorial film photography
minimal wedding invitation set
san francisco film photogrgapher
wedding invitation
wedding minimal inspiration

Styling and flowers: Bough + Twig
Photography: Radostina Boseva
Textile: Party Crush Studio
invitation: Champagne Press
Film lab: RIchard Photo Lab