I was born in Europe in a period when the continent was divided by the Berlin wall and I wasn't lucky enough to grow in the west part where the freedom was something normal. I grew up in that part where you were stuck within the state borders. No traveling was allowed. No freedom. No variety. No religion. 

When I was nine Europe replaced the physical Berlin wall with new, virtual one  - The European Union. And again only few could travel without visas and could afford to see the world. I wasn't amongst the lucky ones . Nevertheless I dared to dream about traveling and seeing the world. I first got the chance to cross the Bulgarian border on a trip to Greece when I was exactly 25. It was one day road trip but I loved it. I think then I became a travel junky. I lived nine years in Czech Republic - first in Brno and then the beautiful Prague was my home. In 2014 me and my husband Martin packed our few belongings and we said goodbye to Europe - we moved to the US  west coast in the famous San Francisco bay area. That's when my ”How I see America" project begin. 

Most of the Europeans consider  America as a place with wild capitalism, obese people eating only in McDonalds, obsessed with television and ignorant for the rest of the world. I didn't believe that and now I know for a fact that this is not true because besides the Silicon Valley, Trump, Hollywood, Kardashians etc. there is another America for which  most probably you will not know about. Not many magazines will bring you to Reno, Nevada or will tell you that Oregon is not just Portland and Cannon beach. And I promise you that I will definitely find something beautiful to tell you about Texas, New Mexico or Arizona - states that sometimes are considered as boring and people sometimes re wondering what I'm doing there.

I usually ignore the prejudice and I don't accept generalizations so keeping this in mind I want to show you America the way I see it and feel it with my camera. I hope you will enjoy it and if you know an interesting place that is worth visiting please let me know. 

Check out How I See America.