hey there. 

My name is Radostina (please feel free to call me Joy).
I'm a wedding, lifestyle and portrait photographer, located in San Francisco, California. I have a master’s degree in History but I’ve never worked in that field. Instead I was fascinated by the "magic" of the graphics editing software, typography and composition. More than 10 years I was a graphic designer and art director. That would have remained my primary job if at the end of 2009 I hadn’t started my design blog – 79 ideas and then felt in love in styling and photography. 
I love to shoot with both film (yeah, the old school film rolls) and digital. The images that you will see here are primarily shoot on film, because I love the colors and the dreamy look.

Here are few things that make me happy: 


I can't imagine my life without music!
My favorite musicians are: Depeche Mode / Hurts / New Generation.


There was a time in highschool that I was reading everything and reading for fun. Nowadays the books that I read are mostly related to my work or are source of inspiration for me - photography, styling, graphic design and art. 


The Green Mile / Life is Beautiful / 

tv series

Game of Thrones 




acrophobia (fear of heights)


When I was a kid i dreamt to be a rock star, now I just want to be healthy and happy.

favorite colors

black / white / blue / pale pink / 


Barcelona / Berlin / Budapest / New Orleans / Portland / San Francisco


I adore ahi tuna and ice-cream. 


I’m a coffee lover, big one. I can drink all day long my favorite filtered coffee. 




Ranunculus / Snowdrops / Peonies


I'm a dog lover. At home I have a really cute and lovely pug. His name is Sam and I have never in my life seen better creature than him 


I like positive people and those who can listen. I like strange people and dreamers and people with good hearts. If you are like that... please drop me a line, I would love to have you as a friend. 

want to contact me?

for inquiries, please email here.

Oh, and thank you for reading till the end.