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My name is Radostina (please feel free to call me Joy).
I'm a wedding, lifestyle and portrait photographer, located in San Francisco, California. I have a master’s degree in History but I’ve never worked in that field. Instead I was fascinated by the "magic" of the graphics editing software, typography and composition. More than 10 years I was a graphic designer and art director. That would have remained my primary job if at the end of 2009 I hadn’t started my design blog – 79 ideas and then felt in love in styling and photography. 
I love to shoot with both film (yeah, the old school film rolls) and digital. The images that you will see here are primarily shoot on film, because I love the colors and the dreamy look.

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few things that make me happy


from classics (Bach and Grieg are my best) to modern Brit music - I just love it all.
Well, Depeche mode hold a special place in my heart too, although i’m a 90’s child (but everything arrived decade late in East Europe)


the European in me is always drown to sophisticated, clean lines of the Scandinavian design, but I also love wabi - sabi (i don’t know how this happend by the way, since I don’t have any Japanese ancestors)


if you read the design paragraph, you may already feel that I also collect designers magazines and books. and the more pictures they have, the better.


i used to call that i’m a travel junkey, but i don’t know if this is appropriate to say here. From all the countries I’ve been, there will be always a special place for Italy and Spain in my heart. And Maui. and Poland, and … well I hope my next chapter will bring me to… Japan (you wanna shoot there? )


I don’t pretend to understand it all, but there is art form that always amaze me - illustrations, music, dance, theater, And if we start talking about painters - the Dutch masters are my favorite one.


I like positive people and those who can listen. I like strange people and dreamers and people with good hearts. But above all, I love people who are in love.

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